About the CFA

The Constitutional Freedom Alliance (CFA) is a group of ordinary citizens driven to promote and restore individual freedom within the United States of America. 

We are accountable for ourselves and our families.  We believe that our freedoms are under sustained attack by the Federal Government.  Our objective is to fundamentally reverse the size, influence and role of the Federal Government on our states, communities, families and ourselves.

We believe that the Federal Government should focus itself exclusively on its Constitutionally-defined duties and should perform those duties more effectively.  We seek election and governance outcomes in the United States House of Representatives, Senate and Presidency that are consistent with our CFA Position Statement. 

We seek election outcomes for State offices that effect fair and simple Federal districting.  We provide education and strategy for action.  We measure and report.  We evaluate elected officials based on their actions. 

As individual freedom is not political currency, the Constitution Freedom Alliance is not and will not be aligned with any political party.