Candidate Compact

Candidate or Incumbent Compact with the American Citizens

As a government official elected to Federal office, I will initiate and vote only for legislation that:

  1. Restores the freedom of Americans by reversing the size, influence, and role of the Federal government on our States, families and ourselves.
  2. Provides for a strong national defense, both militarily and economically, including the securing of our borders and enforcement of the laws prohibiting illegal immigration.
  3. Limits the rules of interstate commerce to those that are exclusively designed to promote free enterprise.
  4. Reduces and balances the Federal budget.
  5. Eliminates the Federal debt.
  6. Lowers Federal taxation and ensures that all citzens contribute.
  7. Defends the individual freedoms affirmed in the Constitution, including the right of the individual citizens to keep and bear arms.



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