Buying Votes with OPM - Other People's Money

By Constitutional ...

Bill Whittle does a great job of making the complex easily understandable:

The kind of issue that also happens to most countries. - Bernadine Fried

that? would depend if the loan is on a rinucedg basis or a flat basis. If it is rinucedg, the interest would be calculated on the remaining principal and if it is a flat rate, the interest would be calculated on the original principal. If your banker quotes you a very low flat rate, be aware that you will continue to pay a higher interest through out the term of the facility unlike loans on rinucedg rates.

You make some good points and have valid cerconn any time the spotlight is on Christians, you have sinners on display. Inevitably, someone who means well will say or do something that is not Christ-like, and then all of Christianity gets labeled a bunch of hyprocrites! However, I happily stood in line for 30 minutes today and ate a spicy chicken sandwich without a twinge of guilt. Here's why:1) I really like Chick-fil-A's chicken sandwich. Does the fact that a Christian man built his business on that chicken sandwich make it taste better? I doubt it. It's really, really yummy.2) I really like CFA's atmosphere, where those making and serving the food are helpful and hardworking. A positive attitude is rare among fast-food establishments. (Plus, I don't have to leave a tip! All I have to do is say thank you! and they say, my pleasure. I think they really mean it.)3) I like having to deny myself a CFA sandwich on Sundays. It forces me to have some sort of self-control.4) I agree with Dan Cathy's personal opinions on marriage, and it makes me happy to know that they give a portion of the profits to Exodus International, a ministry that encourages men and women to seek God's best for their lives. (By the way, I met a man who worked for Exodus International while in Houston. He shared a bit about his role in a branch of EI that rescues young women [and men] from sex-trafficking. He was a humble, caring man, whose motive was clearly compassion and love.) Also, I think its commendable that the COO of a booming business cares enough to give money away to charity, much less a ministry. Isn't that the call of Christian stewardship? 5) While I understand WHY some people feel the need to boycott CFA based on a difference of opinion and because of the fact that they fundamentally disagree with Cathy for giving money to Exodus International, I do not want the company to suffer loss because of this boycott. That is why I went to CFA today so that I could say (with every penny of my $7.25 spent), Yes, Dan Cathy, I agree. I support you giving money to Exodus International, and I hope you continue to do so. 6) I can love Jesus, eat a yummy sandwich, love truth, and love the people who disagree with me all at the same time! (There's no contradiction!)

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